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March 1, 2022 9:00 AM

Issuu Academy Workshops (Europe)

Tuesday 10am (GMT+1): Create and Optimize your Issuu Content
Wednesday 10am (GMT+1): Share and Analyze the Performance

Recorded webinars and tutorials

Getting Started on Issuu

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Creating Stories for Mobile Optimization

Content for all devices, from desktop, to mobile.

Statistics and Sharing

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Issuu Digital Sales walkthrough (ON DEMAND)


Learn how to sell digital content on Issuu, whether as a subscription or single issue.

Issuu Collaborate tutorial (ON DEMAND)

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Learn to use our flatplanning tool to place ads and articles, assign team members work and manage your workflow.

Content Marketing Hacks - Don't Reinvent the Wheel Part 1

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel constantly for new content. In this recorded webinar, you'll learn how to repurpose content in a meaningful way that improves your content marketing and saves you time too!

During this webinar we cover how to:
-Create new formats of existing content to expand your audience
-Repurpose content into longer-form formats such as ebooks, blogs, or
webinars (and vice versa)
-Leverage testimonials for social media content

Watch here
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